Assessment of resistance of AlAs/GaAs nanoscale heterostructures of resonant-tunneling diodes to diffusion destruction by means of IR-spectroscopic ellipsometry К списку публикаций

Makeev, M.O., Ivanov, Yu.A., Sinyakin, V.Yu., Meshkov, S.A., Agasieva, S.V., Shashurin, V.D.
Moscow State Technical University N.a. N.E. Bauman

Hyperion Ltd., Moscow, Russian Federation

CriMiCo 2014 — 2014 24th International Crimean Conference Microwave and Telecommunication Technology, Conference Proceedings
14 November 2014, Article number 6959616, Pages 754-755

In the course of the work the procedure of the quality assessment of AlAs/GaAs resonant-tunneling heterostructures with relation to their resistance to diffusion destruction was developed. The diffusional blurring of the AlAs/GaAs heterostructure layers was detected by the means of IR-spectroscopic ellipsometry. The coefficient of Al and Si diffusion in GaAs was also calculated. © 2014 CriMiCo’2014 Organizing Committee, CrSTC.

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